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150+ Nicknames for Boys That You’ve Never Seen Before 2022

Nicknames for Boys

It is lovely to call your loved ones nicknames for boys that make them unique and familiar that it’s you! It helps to remind them of You!

When you are close to someone, a nickname can be cherished. For any guy in your life, that may be your father, your brother, and even your romantic partner, you may choose a nickname for your son, too, matching their traits or looks.

You may choose the nickname based on your relationship with that guy too. This will strengthen your bond and make you closer.

How do you define a Nickname?

Alternatively, or in addition to, the full name of a person, place, or thing, a nickname is used as a descriptive title or substitute name. Oftentimes, nicknames are abbreviations of people’s first names.

Tips on cute nicknames for boys!

Let’s guide you to get a funny or cute nickname for a guy. You can name your boy depending on their personality and looks, and by choosing any unique trait from his habits, you can pick a nickname for him.

In accordance with Physical Characteristics of a Person:

The most popular way to develop great nicknames for men is to give them names based on their physical characteristics or appearance.

Tall Guy Nicknames:

You can pick the following names for some guy who is tall.

  • “BFG”, representing Big Friendly Giraffe
  • “Everest” refers to Mount Everest.
  • “Longus” originates from long.
  • “Skyscraper”
  • “Tower” for the one who is tallest in the gang.
  • “Chewbacca” for the boy who is tall as the Wookie warrior.
  • “Tree” refers to the height of the man as a lone tree.

What Are Some Nicknames For Boys That Start With The Letter “J”?

Jake, Joey, John, Jonah, Jordy, Josh, Josiah, Jody, Joe, Justin, Jed, Jay, Jacob, Jason, Jovi, Jack, Jayden, Jax, Jayce, Jai, Jeremiah, Jared, Jack, Jarod, Jett, Johnathon, Josiah, John, Jar, Joaquin, Jesse, Jack, Jarvis, Jeffrey, Josiah, Jack, Jacob, Jason, Jeremiah, Jolley, J.J., Jonah, James, Jason, Jaxson, Jaden, Jeremiah, Jasper, Jeff, Jim, Jake, John, Jake, Jared, Jake, Jay, Jordan, Jax, James, Johnathan, Jonas, Jarod, Jace, Jay, Jared, Jeevan, Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Jeremy, J.P., Jefferson, Julian, Jack, Jag, Jase, J.J., Jackson, Jeremy, Jaxon, Jack, Jr., Jeremy, and Jackson.

Short Boy Nicknames:

If your lovely boy is short in height call him as:

  • “House Mouse” for the short and problem-making guy.
  • “Itty Bitty” for a tiny dude.
  • “Little Guy” is a cute nickname for short heightened and responsible men.
  • “Munchkin” is short but close to your heart.
  • “Nugget” refers to a little, sweet guy.
  • “Fun Size” for a boy who is short in height but entertains well.
  • “Puppy” you can call your close friend who is short.
  • “Shortcake” is a boy who is sweet and lovely to you.
  • “Smidget” lovely and geeky changings in the word Midget.
  • “Tater Tot” lovely nickname for your short boy.

What Are Some Nicknames For Boys That Start With The Letter “M”?

Macho Man, Macho, Magnum, Magic, Mac, Maverick, Max, Megatron, Mike, Mondo, Mellow, Messiah, Mephistopheles, Mikey, Milo, Mello, Mellow, Maestro, Mozart, Mr. Macho Man, Macho, Magnum, Magic, Mac, Maverick, Max, Megatron, Mike, Mondo, Mellow, Messiah, Mephistopheles, Mikey, Milo, Mello, Mellow, Maestro, Mozart, Mr. Muscles, Monster, Mitch, Mr. Nice.

Giant Boy Nicknames:

Someone who is fat and huge may be given the following nickname:

  • “Beefy” refers to chubby men.
  • “Big Bang” refers to an energetic guy.
  • “Burger King” means he is giant by eating burgers.
  • “Godzilla”
  • “Meatball” funny name for a fat person.
  • “Mountain” is as giant as mountains.
  • “Sweet Bear” for giant and lovely boy.
  • “Pork Chop” it is for men who are bigger in entertainment.
  • “Rock” lovely name for the powerful and giant boy.
  • “Chubs” is someone who is a fat boy.

What Are Some Nicknames For Boys That Start With The Letter “R”?

Rugger, Rhett, Rex, Roan, Rock, Ransom, Red, Rufus, Reno, Rocky, Rusty, Reese, Rhett, Roman, Ron, Ross, Rico, Rampage, Rambo, Rake, Riley, Reason, Red, River, Ren, Rex, Remi, Roxy, Riker, Reggie, River, Rohan, Rhett, Ren, Reuben, Roan, Ricky, Red, Rider, Riker, Reggie, Reginald, Ren, Rock, Ransom, Reuben, Rafael, Rhett, Ryo, River, Rye, Ripon, Riker, Riley, Rhett, River, Rex, Rhett, Reuben, Ramon, Rip, Rappa, Rhett, Riley.

Slim Men Nicknames:

If someone you adore is slim call him by the following names:

  • “Beanstalk” refers to a tall and slim guy.
  • “Noodles” is a funny name for a slim guy.
  • “Q-Tip” refers to a skinny man.
  • “Sticks” cute name for a skinny friend.
  • “Swizzle-stick”
  • “Tripod” is a tall boy who has a similarity to the tripod.
  • “Spaghetti” for the boy who is skinny and long like a stick.
  • “Stilts” is someone who is slim and tall.
  • “String bean” refers to a boy who is tall and skinny.

What Are Some Nicknames For Boys That Start With The Letter “W”?

William: Will, Willie, Wille, Winkie, Winks, Winky Winston: Win, Winnie, Winn, Winnie-the-Pooh, Winnie, Winnie-the-Pooh, Winnie-the-Pooh, Winnie-the-Pooh Woody: Woodie, Woody, Woodrow, Woody.

Depending on the personality and traits of the men:

Another way is to choose a name depending on the traits or unique personality of the person.

Nicknames For Shy Guys:

If someone who adores you is a reserved man, then feel free to call him with following names:

  • “Angel eyes” refers to shyness in the eyes.
  • “Blue” refers to a Cute shy boy.
  • “Bumpkin” shy person who adores you.
  • “Buttercup”
  • “Captain Cookie” sweet and attractive boy
  • “Cuddle Bunny”
  • “Rabbit”
  • “Cheesecake” is a lovely nickname for a boy, who is sugar-like sweet and cake-like soft.
  • “Brownie” refers to a brown eye man who is sweet in nature and shy.
  • “Baby Cheeks” refers to a lovely shy man.

What Are Some Nicknames For Boys That Start With The Letter “X”?

X-ray (Xavier), X-Man (Xavier), Xander, Xambre, Xavion, Xerxes, Xavi, Xayden, Xavior, Xelphy, Xenon, Xephyr, Xevi, Xilver, Ximenez, Xiro, Xavier, Xaviero, Xylem, Xyver, Xander, Xylophon, Xzander,

Nicknames For Confident Person

If he feels free to say and act what he wants, then call him with the following names:

  • “Alpha” means fearless leader.
  • “Cadillac” means confident and hot boy.
  • “Chief” is a confident leader of the gang.
  • “Hawk” refers to a confident, aggressive boy.
  • “Hot Shot” means cute and bold.
  • “Sunshine” is one who makes gatherings cheerful.
  • “Vegas” is the life of a party.
  • “Captain” a confident guy in your surroundings.
  • “Champ” little boy who is confident and champion in all fields.
  • “Daddy” refers to a hot and confident boy.

What Are Some Nicknames For Boys That Start With The Letter “Y”?

Yusuf, Yara, Yosef, Yael, Yehuda, Yousef, Yahya, Yuri, Yaakov, Yasir, Yoel, Yasin, Yakov, Yeshua, Yousuf, Yehoshua, Yisrael, Yoshiaki, Yusef, Yoshito, Yukio, Yitzchak, Yoshiro, Yash, Yoshiyuki, Yoshinobu, Yoshihiko, Yoshikazu, Yonatan, Yasser, Yechezkel, Yuki, Yannick, Yonah, Yannis, Yanni, Yaqub, Yamal, Yunis, Yishai, Yazid, Yuria, York, Yazeed, Yago, Yorick, Yered, Yordan, Yehudah, Yance, Yosuke, Yevgeniy, Yissachar, Yarley, Yeshayahu, Yurik, Yule, Yacov.

In accordance with your relationship with the boy:

Your relationship with a guy should also influence the type of cute nickname you give him. Be prepared when he starts avoiding you if you start referring to him as “Soul Mate” a week after meeting him. So must choose appropriate nicknames:

Nicknames For Boyfriend:

  • “Agapi Mou” means My Love in the Greek language.
  • “Booga Bear” is a lovely name to be called.
  • “Cuddle Bunny” adorable name for your boy.
  • “DreamBoat” related to dreamy eyes.
  • “Rum-Rum”
  • “Sugar Lips” relating to irresistible lips.

Your Best Friend Nicknames:

A best friend’s bond can sometimes be more potent than a sibling’s. You can describe your male best friend in these cute ways:

  • “Adopted Bro” is your friend who is like a brother to you.
    “Blood” is a very close friend.
  • “Brethren” biblical word meaning your brother.
  • “Bro/Bruh/Bruv” is slang for your close friend.
  • “Goof Ball” playful, silly, and light-hearted best friend.
  • “Homie”, a friend who supports you in all terms.

Nicknames For Brother:

Despite their annoying and troublesome looks, we know that brothers are awesome. These are some cute nicknames for brothers:

  • “Baby Brother” refers to a younger brother.
  • “Baby Face” means your lovely baby brother.
  • “Bambino” is a nickname that means a baby brother.
  • “Batska” is slavic slang.
  • “Big Bro” you can call your elder brother.
  • “Bobo” is used for toddlers and baby boys.
  • “Brah” changes to the word brother.
  • “Baby Bro” for your younger brother.
  • “Bambino” your brother is the champion in all aspects.
  • “Biggie” refers to elder brother.
  • “Big Dude”
  • “Big Guy”
  • “Braddah” is a cool version of saying, brother.
  • “Big Man”
  • “BooBoo”
  • “Little Man”
  • “Little Bro”
  • “Little Guy”
  • “Little Dude”

Nicknames for boys, in accordance with their Hobbies and Talents:

A pet name derived from a guy’s hobbies or talents is best to describe him. Here is a list of nicknames depending on the skill of the guy:

  • “Beethoven” for the boy who likes classical music.
  • “Bookworm” is a guy who always studies.
  • “Chef” boy who is fond of cooking tasty food.
  • “Foodie” guy who eats a lot.
  • “Ganja man” – A slang expression used by Rastafarians for guys who love weed
  • “MJ” – You can use this name for a guy who loves to dance or is a big fan of tight pants.
  • “Quarterback” a boy who is fond of football.
  • “Starbucks” the boy who loves coffee a lot.

Nicknames for boys from songs, TV, Video Games:

It’s appropriate to call a guy at the name of his favorite character from a movie, book, song, or videogame if he acts a little too much like that character. There are some nicknames for boys based on popular culture references from books, TV, video games, and other sources:

  • “Aladdin”
  • “Darth Vader”
  • “Gladiator”
  • “Frodo”
  • “Crazy Eyes”
  • “Gandalf”
  • “Iron Man”
  • “Yoda”
  • “Hannibal”
  • “Sherlock”

Other Languages Nicknames:

It is essential not to limit your search for nicknames for a boy to English only. There are many cute nicknames for guys in Spanish, French, Italian, and other languages.

Russian Boy Nicknames:

Russian Guy Nicknames

If you have a Russian boyfriend and wish to know the short form of his name or what it means, you might be thinking of giving him a Russian name for his baby boy. Here, You have all kinds of cute and lovely ways to call your Russian man or boy, where the first name in the chain is your full name.

  • “Andrey”, called “Andrusha”, exactly means the English name, Andrew.
  • “Anatoly”, nickname as “Tolya”.
  • “Alexander”, nickname as “Sahechka and Sasha.”
  • “Anton”, nickname as “Tokha and Tosha”
  • “Arseny”, nickname as “Senchka and Senya”
  • “Artyom”,called as Tyoma
  • “Arkady”, called as Arkasha
  • “Boris”, nickname as Borya
  • “Daniil” nickname as “Danya and Danilka”.
  • “Denis”, nickname as “Deniska”
  • “Egor”, nickname as “Egorushka”, which may be spelled as Yegor.
  • “Georgy” nickname as “Zhora, Zhorik and Gosha”, same as the English name George.
  • “Gleb” nickname as “Glebushka”
  • “Ilya” nicknamed “Ilusha”
  • “Ivan” nickname as “Vanya, Vanechka and Vanusha”
  • “Kirill” nickname as “Kirya and Kirusha”
  • “Lev” nicknamed “Lyova and Lyovushka”, same as the Russian name Leo.
  • “Leonid” nickname as “Lenya”
  • “Maksim” nickname as “Maks and Maksik” like the Russian name Maksimilian.
  • “Makar” nickname as “Makarka”
  • “Mikhail” nickname as “Misha, Mishka, and Mishanya”
  • “Nikita” nickname as “Nikitushka and Nikitochka”
  • “Nikolai” nickname as “Kolya, Kolyenka and Kolyasha” as an English name Nikolas.
  • “Oleg” nickname as “Olyezhik and Olyezhenka”
  • “Pavel” nickname for Pashyenka, Pasha Pavlusha,
  • “Rodion” nickname as “Rodya”
  • “Roman” nickname as “Roma Romashka and Romochka”
  • “Rostislav” nickname as “Rostik”
  • “Ruslan” nickname as “Rusya”
  • “Timofey” nickname as “Tima and Timka”
  • “Timur” nickname as “Timurka”
  • “Semyon” nickname as “Syoma”
  • “Stepan” nickname as “Styopa and Styopchik”
  • “Vadim” nickname as “Vadik”
  • “Valentin” nickname as “Valya and Valechka”
  • “Viktor” nickname as “Vitya”
  • “Vitaly” nickname as “Vitalya”
  • “Vyacheslav” nicknamed “Slava and Slavik”
  • “Yury” nickname as “Yura, Yurochka and Yurik”
  • “Yakov” nickname as “Yasha”
  • “Yaroslav” nickname as “Yarik”

Russian men may have very western names. Russian people prefer to give their children names that raise out and are memorable. There may be a lack of Russian boy names because they are so few, so they get bored.

Italian Guy Nicknames:

Italian Guy Nicknames

You may pick the following names for your Italian friends,

  • “Angelo” refers to a lovely boy.
  • “Angioletto” means a cute Italian guy.
  • “Bellissimo” used for someone beautiful.
  • “Carissimo” refers to close to heart.
  • “Caruccio” is a lovely boy.
  • “Gigio” refers to someone who has nice nature.
  • “Principino” refers to “Little Prince.”
  • “Pupo” refers to “Baby.”
  • “Topino” means cute little mouse.
  • “Zuccherino” – It refers to “Sugar”

French Nicknames For Boy:

French Nicknames for Boy

Here is the list of nicknames in the french language for your friends,

  • “Belle gueule” refers to a handsome boy.
  • “BG” stands for “Beau Gosse,” which refers to a sexy guy.
  • “Chochotte” for a lovely boy.
  • “Ma Caille” in French for Honey
  • “Ma poul” means My sweetheart boy.
  • “Mec” is used for a romantic boy in French.
  • “Mon pote” refers to a friend.
  • “Mon précieux” is Used for My precious in the French language.

French Nicknames For Boyfriend:

Everyone has nicknames, but in France, this is taken to a whole new level. Nicknames are called `prenoms’ in French. They are given in the same way as in English and basically consist of nicknames like:

  • “Mon chat” means My cat (do not say the final t)
  • “Mon chéri” means My darling
  • “Mon beau”  meansMy beautiful one
  • “Mon choupinet” no translation – but comes from “mon chou”
  • “Mon gros” means My fat one
  • “Loulou” Here is no translation but it probably comes from “loup”
  • “Mon loup” means My wolf (I wouldn’t use this French term of endearment with a child)
  • “Mon ours” means My bear (I wouldn’t use this French love term with a child)
  • “Mon nounours”  means my teddy bear (I wouldn’t use this French love name with a child)
  • “Minou –  means kitty
  • “Roudoudou – Here is no translation although it was the name of a hard caramel candy…

French Nicknames By French Speaking Parents:

French nicknames are common among boys that are used by French speaking parents. Here is the list of popular nicknames among boys in France.

  • “Filou”
  • “Bigoudi”
  • “Petit biquet”
  • “Petit coquin”
  • “Ti-couz”

Tall Nicknames For Guys:

Tall is one of the most popular guys’ names of all time, and it’s still going strong today. Some of the most famous men in history were called tall, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Michael Jordan. So what’s it like being a tall guy? What kind of nicknames can you expect to get called as a tall guy?
In this post, we will describe the best tall nicknames for guys, which can be used as short names or long names.
  • Alpine
  • Jupiter
  • Skyscraper
  • Melmon
  • Sky
  • Long Bean
  • Way Big
  • Goofy
  • Tall Pants
  • Sycamore
  • Lank Man
  • Ceiling
  • Shawn Bradley
  • Big Fish
  • North Pole
  • Dance Pole
  • Lanky Whale
  • Mongo
  • Lurch
  • Long Shanks
  • Goliath
  • Giraffe Sky
  • Great Wall
  • Koel
  • Long Bean
  • Ava
  • On Go
  • Slim
  • Liv
  • Simon
  • Red Wood
  • Taiwan
  • Iceberg
  • Palm Tree
  • Crutches
  • Shawn Bradley

Sexy Boy Nicknames:

Before you meet someone, you get an impression of them based on their name.

You may choose some sexy names for your partner, friend, brother, and even your son too. Here is a list of those.

  • “Hot Stuff” boy having a sexy body
  • “Hot Bod”
  • “Hot Buns”
  • “Drop-Dead Handsome” for a very cool n beautiful man
  • “Sexy Two-Shoes”
  • “Good Looking”
  • “Dr. Hot Butt”
  • “Hottie”
  • “Prof. Sexy”
  • “Handsome*
  • “Hunk”
  • “Muscle Man” is a boy who regularly gym and have proper muscles.
  • “Mister Hot Stuff”
  • “Dreamboat”
  • “Sexy Beast”
  • “Sexy”
  • “Love on Fire”
  • “Stud Muffin”
  • “Sexy Mister”
  • “Stud”
  • “Super Stud”
  • “Playboy”
  • “Bad Boy”
  • “Double Trouble”
  • “Big Boy”
  • “Trouble Maker”
  • “Naughty Boy”
  • “Double Spice”
  • “Xtra Hot”
  • “Dirty Boy”
  • “Big Guy”
  • “Big Red”

Cute Nicknames for Guys:

Here is the list of some cute nicknames for boys,

  • “Agapi Mou” refers to My Love in the Greek language.
  • “Boogabear” refers to your boyfriend.
  • “Cuddle Bunny” lovely nickname for a boy who is your favorite.
  • “Daddy” refers to your hot boyfriend.
  • “Dream Boat” is a boy that refers to your dream eyes.
  • “Mi Amour” means My Love in the Spanish language.
  • “My All” shows your love of life.
  • “My Boo” cute nickname for my boyfriend.
  • “Rum-Rum” refers to the nickname of a boy who is your love.
  • “Sugar Lips” means the irresistible lips of a boy.
  • “Amor” Spanish term meaning Love.
  • “Angel eyes” a boy having beautiful eyes.
  • “Bucky”
  • “Babe” nickname for a sexy boy whom you love a lot
  • “Baby Face”
  • “Boo”
  • “Baller”
  • “Buttercup”
  • “Bubba”
  • “Brown eyes”
  • “Charming” is a boy with an awesome personality.
  • “Chunky Monkey”
  • “Chico” cute nickname for your brother.
  • “Cheesecake”
  • “Cowboy” sexy nickname for a boy.
  • “Cutie Pie”
  • “Cookie”
  • “Dumpling”
  • “Hottie”
  • “Handsome”
  • “Hunk”
  • “Heartbreaker”
  • “Hubby” nickname for a boy who is your husband.
  • “Hero”
  • “Kiddo”
  • “Lovey Dovey”
  • “Lips”
  • “Lover Boy”
  • “My Bae”
  • “Monkey”
  • “My Guy”
  • “Papi”
  • “Prince”
  • “Pretty”
  • “Romeo”
  • “Sexy”
  • “Sparky”
  • “Smiley”
  • “Sugar”
  • “Stud”
  • “Sweet One”
  • “Sunshine”
  • “Sweetums”
  • “Sweetie”
  • “Tiger”

Funny Nicknames For Guys:

If you’re looking for a nickname for a guy, it’s best to go with something that is unique. That’s because there are already so many nicknames for guys out there. The list below is a compilation of the funniest and most creative nicknames for guys that we could find online.
  • “Chunkie Wunkie” lovely nickname for your lovely goofball.
  • “Clown” nickname for a boy who makes you happy.
  • “Comedy Central” a comedian who always laughs and makes others happy.
  • “Homer” silly and funny Nickname for a boy like Homer Simpson.
  • “Joker” nickname for a boy who falls laugh bomb.
  • “Kermit” a boy hilarious like Kermit, as the frog.
  • “Mickey” refers to a funny and cute boy.
  • “Monkey Buns” used for a funny guy.
  • “Rib Cracker” who makes a lot of laughs.
  • “Seinfeld” nickname for a boy who is hilarious like an awesome comedian.
  • “Amateur”
  • “Butterfingers”
  • “Banana”
  • “Beefy” funny nickname for a healthy guy.
  • “Chewy”
  • “Cheesy”
  • “Cheeseball”
  • “Chipmunk Cheeks”
  • “Chewbacca”
  • “Clumsy Wumsy”
  • “Chippy” funny nickname for your friend who always depends on you.
  • “Crazy”
  • “Chunkamunk”
  • “Class Clown”
  • “Dumbo”
  • “Doofy”
  • “Energizer Bunny”
  • “Goofball”
  • “Giggles” funny nickname for a boy who makes you laugh hard.
  • “Fish Face”
  • “Fuzzy Wuzzy”
  • “Funny man”
  • “Hefty Wefty”
  • “Hater”
  • Meatball”
  • “Noob
  • “Punk”
  • “Pork Chop”
  • “Rookie”
  • “Rico Suave”
  • “Q-Tip”
  • “Squirt”
  • “Squints”
  • “Stinker”
  • “Tootsie Pop”
  • “Tater Tot”

The Best Ways to Avoid Bad Nicknames

When picking a cute nickname for a boy, you need to avoid a couple of mistakes. The following errors should be avoided when giving a nickname:

● It should be simple, cute, and easy to pronounce: Avoid difficult-to-pronounce nicknames.

● If your nickname is too girly or mushy, don’t use it: Names he would be comfortable being called by his friends. When alone or indoors, you can only call him by his cute, sexy, and embarrassing nickname.

● Using the same nickname over and over again is not a good idea. There is nothing worse than a relationship ending because of a pet name, which is one of the biggest deal-breakers. After calling an ex a cute nickname, it’s best to retire that name so that no one has to be called the name you called your ex.

● Avoid being boring: My dear, darling, soulmate, baby, are classic nicknames, and I don’t intend to disrespect them, but it’s too familiar for them to make an exciting impact. You might want to consider naming your pet “Daddy” or “Chief” or any other name you like.

● Try not to freak him out: You won’t get your crush’s attention if you call him “Huby,” and avoid calling your recent boyfriend “Daddy of our unborn children.” Don’t be creepy too early.


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